Thursday, June 9

5 Miles to Empty

There's more than one recording of this oldie by Brownstone R&B group (now defunct) but only one that orchestrates it as a march -- a double-time march at that. It's a rousing riff on an otherwise unmemorable bubblegum song if you don't count Brownstone's great harmonizing. So when I need to dig deep to keep going another hour or two I sometimes listen to the song; it reminds me that life is a forced march and often in quick time. 

Gah. I hate war. I hate the Middle East. I hate writing. I hate research. I hate trying to analyze lies. I hate the internet. Why am I here? Dammit, it's 2:25 in the freakin morning. Shut up, Pundita. Listen to Brownstone and write.                


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