Thursday, June 9

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Russia unleashes massive bombardment on Islamist rebels in western Aleppo 
By Chris Tomson

Around midnight, the rebel-held town of Darat Izza (western Aleppo) was struck by two long-range Russian ballistic missiles, fired from positions at Khmeimim Airbase in Latakia. The missiles were of the type ‘OTR-21 Tochka’, a fierce long-range artillery weapon first developed during the 1980’s Soviet era. 

Locals in Idlib were in awe at the sight and photograped one of the missiles mid-air [there's also video]:

Meanwhile, dozens of mostly Russian airstrikes hit the towns of Anadan, Haritan and Kafr Hamra once again tonight in an attempt to weaken the rebel frontline ahead of a highly anticipated government offensive in western Aleppo.

As depicted above, the Russian Airforce is utilizing various types of airstrikes to maximize the impact and shock local Islamist forces. Tiger Forces, led by Major General Suheil al-Hassan, are yet to begin the offensive into the Anadan plains although the elite assault troops remain deployed on the outskirts of the region ready to strike upon given the order. 

The massive Russian bombing of western Aleppo follows statements by Russian Foreign Minister Sergio Lavrov three days ago, vowing to give the upmost air support for the Syrian Arab Army in its efforts to retake Aleppo city.


Russian military disrupts communication between jihadists and Turkey
By Leith Fadel

The Russian military at the Hmaymim Airfields in Jableh, Latakia reportedly obstructed the communication lines between Turkey and the jihadist rebels in northern Syria on Thursday morning. According to the official media wing of the Tiger Forces, the Russian military identified several communication points between the jihadists and Turkish intelligence in northern Syria, prompting them to disrupt these lines in order to create internal chaos for the opposition forces. 

Earlier this week, Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, said during a press conference in Moscow that the Russian military will be stepping up their operations inside the Aleppo Governorate after several ceasefire violations were committed by the jihadist forces.


Zero hour approaches northwest Aleppo as the Syrian Army prepares to attack; 09/06/2016, AMN

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