Saturday, June 11

Yala! Yala! Yala!

The concert, in Europe (France, probably) had turned into a marathon. (Somewhere on YouTube is video showing several sets from the concert; the video below is just one set.)  Everyone was clearly exhausted by the Yala! set -- the audience, the musicians, the dancers, Oumou SangarĂ© herself. Her headwrap had finally fallen off and I guess she was too tired to wrap it again. 

But then the band's indefatigable dancer and backup singer Fatoumata Diawara (a singing star in her own right) decided to raise the roof. That's her in the still shot from video. 

Does she have any bones in her body, I wonder? All I know is when everyone can dance like that there will be peace on Earth. Mostly because everyone will be too tired to make trouble.

Ready? Come on! Suba! Suba! 


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