Wednesday, June 15

Syrian War Status

From FARS region-by-region sitrep (Latakia, Aleppo, Quneitra, Hama, Deir Ezzur, Raqqa) during the past 24 hours; note the knee-slappers that lead off the report on the Raqqa battlespace. No honor among fiends for sure: 
Informed sources disclosed that the top treasury official of the ISIL terrorist group in the capital of the self-proclaimed Caliphate has left the city for an unknown destination with a large amount of cash.

Local sources said that Hatim al-Utaybi, a Saudi national, has stolen the entire money, gold and other precious jewelry of the Takfiri group and has left Raqqa for an unknown destination.

Military sources said last week that the Syrian Army troops and popular forces' rapid advances and their race towards the ISIL-held city of Raqqa from different directions testifying that the ISIL was on the verge of a complete fall in Syria.

"The ISIL now faces a serious threat to its capital, Raqqa city," the sources said, adding, "However, the more immediate objective seems to be the capture of al-Tabaqa Airbase or a push Northwards to the Euphrates River; the latter move would have all ISIL-held areas in the Aleppo province cut off from the ISIL mainland."

"In the past week, about 100 ISIL fighters have been killed in Western Raqqa while government forces have advanced 45 kilometers along the Ithriya-Raqqa road," the sources added.

"With the ISIL capital under increasing pressure, the group's commanders are forced to prioritize their scarce manpower between the Manbij frontline and the Western Raqqa frontline," they went on to say.
Meanwhile Sputnik reports today that the SAA is showering Raqqa with leaflets:
Immediately below this text there is an image of dead militants.  [See site for photo of this page of the leaflet]
Under the photo of dead terrorists written in big bold letters is the following: “We are coming.”
At the end, there is a signature of the high command of the Syrian Armed Forces. On the second page there is a written appeal:
Militant! The moment of truth is here. The world is changing rapidly. The Army is advancing. Think about it, waiting can cost you your life. Do not hesitate; hurry to surrender your arms, to save your live and your future.”
Yesterday SANA reported that 100 rebel combatants from an area in the Damascus countryside turned  themselves in and got their status settled with the Syrian military. More on this from FARS, which also has additional photos of the event. Note the presence of wives in two of the photos. The women want this war to stop, and probably had a big say in their husbands' decision.    

These reconciliations, for that's what they are, have been an almost daily occurrence across Syria during the last six  months, as I've mentioned before.  Sometimes it's a very small group -- 10 or 20 -- and at others it's a large group laying down their arms. The government takes their particulars then pardons them and lets them go if they agree not to stage further attacks on the military and turn in their heavy weapons. (They can keep their 'personal' guns.)

The outreaches are an integral part of the Syrian Army coalition war plan, and the Russians are big backers of this. The Russians in Syria even have an entire reconciliation center, which has an open-door policy for rebel groups that want to discuss the possibility of surrendering and prefer to talk with the Russians before they talk with the SAA. 

So much for the claim by the Obama regime that the Russian and Syrian governments view every Syrian opposition group as terrorists.

As to how the war is going overall for the Syrian Army coalition -- it seems to be going so well that reportedly Germany is now sending ground forces into Syria to join French, British, and Americans there. 

Now why would Germany do that if the war is going well? Because the objective of the U.S.-led coalition wasn't to get rid of the terrorists. Remember, all this happened in Syria before Islamic State got on the radar. The objective was always to get rid of Assad, his government, so that Syria could be broken up. 

This is a more violent version of the color revolution strategy to overthrow governments. First you send in the terrorist organizations to attack government troops, then you declare a humanitarian emergency as justification to invade and send in proxy armies. By then you've created so much chaos it's hard for reporters to travel freely in the country to learn what's actually going on. 

Of course Germany doesn't have permission from Syria's government to put forces in the country. The axis powers don't need permission. None of them are in the country legally.  



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