Sunday, June 12

Deep breaths, Pundita, deep breaths

All right. West African music and Amma bhajans aren't cutting it for me this morning so now we go for the nuclear option:

Now, breathe deeply.  All right. Now we try going to FARS for some news on Syria.  Remember, deep breaths. 
100s of More Terrorists, Arms-Laden Trucks Enter Syria via Turkish Borders
TEHRAN (FNA - June 11)  Over 200 fresh members of al-Nusra Front crossed the Turkish border with Syria to join their comrades in the fight against the Syrian government and people.
Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that huge trucks carrying arms and ammunitions have been spotted moving along Syria’s borders with Turkey and more than 200 militants crossed the Turkish borders to join al-Nusra Front near Idlib.
She added that the al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham continue to attack the sites of the Syrian Army in Southern and Northern Aleppo and are attempting to encircle the city.
She pointed out that around 100 civilians were killed in al-Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood due to the shelling of al-Nusra terrorists, adding that more than 2000 terrorists from al-Nusra are taking part in these terrorist operations.
What the [expletive deleted]??  Is my jive government still helping Nusra and the Shammies?  What the [expletive deleted] is it going to take to get all these terror-sponsoring regimes out of Syria? [throwing contents of her pen cup across the room]    

Well, next we try dolphin calls.


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