Thursday, June 23

SouthFront's disturbing warning about the Syrian Army

This is the second warning from SouthFront; the first was at least two weeks ago when the organization criticized the Syrian and Iranian military leadership for poor battle planning based on outmoded tactics. From SouthFront's June 22 Syrian war sitrep:

Almost since the start of the Syrian war, the Syrian military has suffered a lack of trained personnel. The general staff has tried to compensate for this with massive use of artillery, battle tanks and other kinds of military equipment.
However, massive usage of anti-tank weapons by militant groups opposing the Syrian government has led to a high loss rate of the SAA’s military equipment. According to local sources, about a half of these losses is lightly-damaged military equipment abandoned at the battlefield that could be easily evacuated and restored.

Even massive deliveries of modern weapon systems, including TOS-1 heavy multiple launch thermobaric rocket systems and T90 battle tanks, cannot help if the personnel, often volunteers without combat experience, cannot use them properly. 
Additionally, this is one of the reasons why some T-90 and TOS-1 were spotted in Hezbollah and IRGC units operating in Syria instead of the SAA.

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