Tuesday, June 14

Orlando shooter's ex: My husband was a bipolar gay member of NRA who beat me

I made up the part about the NRA; I'm learning from the Washington Post editorial board to play fast and loose with headlines when it comes to politics. And of course she didn't actually say he was mentally ill; it just looked to her that he might be bipolar, and that he had strong gay tendencies,  

But next we'll be hearing from her that he was a dues-paying member of the NRA and registered Republican who watched Fox News.

Things are getting a little strange in this country, with Clinton and Obama knowing full well the political direction of this country if there is one more terrorist attack by an Islamist that happens on American soil.

And no, Trump never said that Obama was somehow involved with the Orlando massacre. (Donald Trump seems to connect President Obama to Orlando shooting). The saddest part is that at the grunt level the Washington Post has some great reporters. But the paper has been run by Jeff Bezos since 2013. 

However, The Donald has landed a few uppercuts of his own.  See 
Trump says Washington Post owner Bezos has 'huge antitrust problem'. Published at Fox News. 


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