Monday, June 27

Erdogan apologizes to Putin for death of Russian pilot

It looks as if Ankara is fulfilling all the demands from Moscow about what it would take to normalize relations between Turkey and Russia. The three major demands are an official apology including acknowledgment of responsibility, reparations for the family of the murdered pilot, and bringing criminal charges against the person(s) responsible for the murder. That last is a tall order but from the RT report (below) Ankara is scaring up at least one sacrificial lamb.  

From an RT 'breaking news' television report within this hour, it sounds as if Erdogan's regime has shifted the blame for the Russian jet's downing to Davuto─člu, who is now gone from the regime. In any case Ankara is moving with alacrity to mend fences with Moscow.   

Here's analysis of the apology from Russia Today (RT) and Reuters.


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