Sunday, June 26

Assad breaks bread with frontline troops: "Best meal I've ever had in my entire life"

One of the pix AMN posted on the surprise visit

In pictures: Syria’s Assad makes daring visit to Ghouta frontline
By Zen Adra

Syrian President Bashar Assad made a surprising – and equally adventurous – visit to a raging battlefield deep in the rebel-held Eastern Ghouta. Army soldiers fighting Islamist rebels in Kharabo village near Marj al-Sultan military airbase were struck to see their leader in simple casual clothes touring the trenches.

Assad shared Iftar meal with his Republican Guard soldiers after being briefed about the military situation by field commanders.

“This is the best meal I have ever had in my entire life”, he commented.

Assad has previously made such controversial visits to Army troops fighting Islamist rebels in Homs, Darayya and Jobar.


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