Thursday, June 16

Gregory Copley on Brexit, BRICS, Europe, China's water crisis (UPDATED)

John Batchelor and Gregory Copley spoke again, on the Friday John Batchelor Show, to introduce Gregory's Capstone presentation (see below); they focused on the importance of grand strategy. Here's the podcast of the discussion (20:56 minutes).


Gregory R. Copley, fresh from his Capstone presentation (pdf) to the Seventh National Security Programme at the Canadian Forces College, visited the June 15 John Batchelor Show to give a rapid-fire analysis of key developments in the EU and BRICS as well as the upcoming Brexit vote. 

He also squeezed in an overview of China's water crisis. For many years Gregory was in the forefront of discussing water issues as they relate to national security and now the world has caught up with his warnings. Readers who remember my 2014 essay (Ah ha! Aliens from outer space, cleverly disguised as megacity infrastructures, are stealing all our water!) will find echoes of the theme in Gregory's latest reference to China's water problems. 


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