Friday, December 9

Almost 18,000 civilians escape from E. Aleppo

Sun rising over Aleppo with the Citadel, now completely liberated, in the background

December 10, 2016 - 7:45

Almost 18 thousand citizens managed to flee from militant-controlled areas of Syria’s Aleppo, the Russian center for Syrian reconciliation announced.

"The Russian center for reconciliation continues to assist local residents leaving militants-controlled districts of Eastern Aleppo. In the past 24 hours 17,971 more people, including 7 542 children, left the militant-controlled areas with help of the Russian center for reconciliation,” the center said in a statement.
The center noted that Russian servicemen demined about 8 hectares (almost 18 acres) of territory in Aleppo, getting explosives from 24 buildings, including two schools, two mosques and an electric power substation.

Within the past 24 hours, some 28 militants surrendered, the statement added. In accordance with a decision of Syrian President Bashar Assad, all 28 militants who laid down arms in the past 24 hours in Aleppo have been granted amnesty.



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