Tuesday, December 27

Mass graves of torture victims found in E. Aleppo. That plus a penny.


He said that the instances are being recorded as serious war crimes and will be given maximum publicity "so that European backers of the so-called opposition in London and Paris are well aware of who their [friends] actually are."

I don't share the Russian government's hope that making the evidence of the mass graves available to European governments will change minds about the nature of the militants who were present in E. Aleppo. Those governments have always known they've been aiding and abetting mercenaries who routinely commit atrocities. Nobody has to show them mass graves to make the point.

It's just that the governments who actively aided the mercenaries didn't think their complicity in war crimes would be exposed. At first they assumed that Assad would be assassinated or driven out of Syria. After the Russians stepped in, the European leaders assumed the American government could cut a deal with Russia that would force Assad to step down.  

And it didn't dawn on them until a month ago that the Syrian Amy coalition could be completely successful in ejecting mercenary militias from East Aleppo -- meaning that it would have full reign to inspect every square foot of the area.  

Now all the biggest offenders can do is try to divert public attention by making accusations that the Syrian (and Russian) militaries also committed atrocities in Syria.

A December 26 Associated Press report, Mass graves, booby traps found as Russians and Syrians sweep Aleppo, suggests how the European and American regimes are already maneuvering to avoid charges of aiding war crimes:
Human rights observers and the media have recorded numerous examples of massacres and organized torture, perpetrated by the government, opposition, and the Islamic State group.
In other words, the opposition fighters we've supported are no worse than the Syrian government.

Mass Graves in Aleppo Fuel Suspicion of So-Called 'Moderate Opposition' in Syria
13:00 - 27.12.2016 (updated 13:28)
The information the Russian military is making public about Aleppo should change the attitudes of Washington and its European allies, military expert Andrey Koshkin told Sputnik.

In an interview with Sputnik, military expert Andrey Koshkin suggested that the information on Aleppo which was disclosed by the Russian military may change attitudes toward the so-called moderate Syrian opposition in Washington and among its European allies.

The interview came after Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said that mass graves of torture victims have been uncovered in liberated Aleppo in northern Syria.

"Mass burial sites of many dozens [of Syrians] have been found; they had been subjected to brutal torture and [then] murdered. In many cases, body parts are missing; most victims had been shot in the head. And this [discovery], it seems, is only the beginning," according to Konashenkov.

He said that the instances are being recorded as serious war crimes and will be given maximum publicity "so that European backers of the so-called opposition in London and Paris are well aware of who their [friends] actually are."

Konashenkov further revealed that militants from the "moderate opposition" in eastern Aleppo had booby-trapped nearly everything with explosives before leaving the city, including toys, streets, entrances to premises, cars and motorcycles.
Commenting on this, Andrey Koshkin said that the US and European countries should review their stance on the moderate Syrian opposition after the publication by Russia of information related to Aleppo.

"After the liberation of Aleppo from militants, unbiased information on the matter has witnessed demand, even in the West," Koshkin said. He cited the current efforts of "many journalists" to disclose the details of the making of fake videos and information. These were targeted at justifying the actions of Syria's moderate opposition and terrorist organizations, as well as discredit Russia's activity in Syria.

"It was an information and political trap, with both Geneva and the information space repeatedly generating the idea of a 'moderate opposition'. Actually, it was a line aimed at supporting militants," he added.

Konashenkov, meanwhile, added that seven large ammunition depots, enough to arm several infantry battalions, had also been discovered in Aleppo.

On December 22, Syrian government forces assumed full control of Aleppo as the last convoy with militants left the embattled city. Syrian government forces have been fighting multiple opposition and terrorist groups, including Daesh and Jabhat Fatah al Sham, formerly known as Jabhat al-Nusra, or Nusra Front. The Syrian civil war has been ongoing since 2011.




bdoran said...


Someone has to replace Castro and Ho Chi Minh. It's Jihadis. Go and look at NYT coverage of KSM [Khalid Sheik Mohammed]. The admiration is palpably sexual. Really.

As for what the Sheep Believe it's whatever their fed. They're not thinking dear they're consuming what's in the TV trough. Tripe or Truffles makes no difference.

It has to be PERSONAL and they must feel the flames on their skin-this is eternal and not confined to the present generation of the West.

You can make headway convincing them it's none of our business, not worth their sons in coffins and at present that Washington/London/Brussels only make it worse. That would work.

Pundita said...

Yes, although you left out that other sex symbol, Che Guevara. And yes they've already romanticized and even 'sexualized' the Islamist jihadis -- they've done this especially in Europe. I have seen photos of the White Helmuts that are almost overtly sexual.

True story: researchers found that the nastiest male cockroach in the bunch, the one that runs around biting the other male roaches, gains the most sympathy from the female cockroaches. The attraction for Dracula at work in the insect world lol.

As to telling Americans it's not worth it -- you said it yourself; only when it hits home do the majority react.

So I don't know what it's going to take: maybe Islamic State invading the USA up through the Arizona desert and capturing Tucson. Thus giving the US military the Sophie's Choice of whether to massacre many thousands of Tucson residents in order to rout them.

Pundita said...

I just remembered. (It's been a long time since I read that research) Cockroaches use scents to communicate. The bullies exude a 'vulnerable' scent to gain sympathy from the ladies. [laughing] Same in the human world.