Friday, December 9

Okay everybody calm down

SouthFront is snapping at the Russian government. Yes, SF is a Russian site, although it's not a government site. They've snapped at the Kremlin before and now they're upset, obviously because they think Putin's advisers are telling him to tip-toe in response to the latest American provocations, including the release of MANPADS and other weapons to 'moderate' fighters in Syria, and obfuscations about the terrorists still left in E. Aleppo, who are either stubbornly refusing to leave or stubbornly insisting that they take their weapons with them if they agree to leave.         

I wonder if it's occurred to SouthFront that Putin's advisers are convinced that Obama has finally gone off the deep end.

Even if my speculation is wrong, this is a good time for everyone to calm down and have a little patience with Putin's decisions.   

And pray. 


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