Saturday, December 17

This is very VERY strange

We interrupt this blog on the Syrian War to bring you -- uh, this.

Watch all 4 videos; they're between 1-2 min.  

Sputnik report.

Brave new world.  



agraves said...

I guess we should have dropped a couple more a bombs on them, should have just finished it completely. They are gone, just gone. Unwatchable, cringeworthy.

Pundita said...

The Japanese have been at the forefront of robotics first because they must, given their small nation, graying population, and large mfg. base. More importantly, they don't see inanimate objects as without spirit. Trees, rocks, humans, machines -- everything manifests a spirit.
Something like that.

The theme was explored in "Blade Runner." In describing the movie before it was released, Harrison Ford said drily that it asked whether you can fall in love with your toaster.

The theme popped up again in "Cast Away" when the lead character played by Tom Hanks risked his life to save a basketball that had become human to him.

We humans are 'spiritualizing' creatures, if that's a word. We spiritualize our universe. And so our storytellers make rabbits talk, and trees of a Middle Earth join with us to fight a great evil.

The problem with robotics, however, is clearly seen every day when people are so consumed by their smart phones that they won't even take note of their surroundings, much less socialize with their fellow humans. Machines are supposed to free us to interact with each other more, not less.