Thursday, December 15

Somebody get the hook: Now evacuating last terrorist holdouts from E. Aleppo, thank God

The evacuations started this morning at 9am local time. All the following report times are local.

Russian Military Prepares to Evacuate Remaining Militants From East Aleppo (Sputnik - 10:05am)

URGENT: Aleppo Evacuation Starts after Militants Agree Fua'a, Kafraya Civilians Evacuation (FARS - 10:29am)  

Photo accompanying above report 

More welcome news:

MSF Ready to Deploy Staff to Aleppo in Hours Upon Receiving Security Guarantees (Sputnik - December 14):
[...] "We have a big quantity of medical supplies, we have medical equipment ready, ambulances ready, we have staff and drugs ready, we have non-food items ready so for us it is more a matter of security than speed. It is very close to Aleppo — to deploy staff, ambulances, the stock will be a matter of hours if security guarantees would be met," Sancristoval said, adding that the guarantees of the safe passage of medics must be provided not only by the Syrian government and its allies, but also by all the opposition groups active on the ground.
MSF pledges to bring all the equipment needed for starting a mobile hospital and to stabilize wounded patients' conditions before moving them out of the ruined city.


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