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Black Box. "Large Number of Turkish, Saudi Officers Deployed in Aleppo City"

December 16, 2016

[Emphasis mine] 

TEHRAN (FNA)- A former advisor to the Syrian Media Minister disclosed that a large number of Turkish and Saudi officers had been battling against the Syrian government forces in the Eastern districts of Aleppo city shoulder to shoulder with Jeish al-Fatah coalition of terrorist groups.

Abdul Hadi Narsi told Arabic Sputnik a few hours before the start of the militants' evacuation from Aleppo on Thursday evening that a large number of Saudi and Turkish officers had been leading war on the Syrian army in the Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city.

"Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan tries to transfer terrorists (in Aleppo) to Turkey," Nasri added.

"The Syrian government has found out that there is a black box of the Saudi and Turkish officers and a diversity of intelligence services in the militant-held part of Eastern Aleppo city," Nasri disclosed.

He further added that the terrorist groups told us that there are 1,000 militants (in their front) in order to prevent us from realizing the black box and other relevant information, but later presence of 5,000 militants (in their front) surprised us.

Nasri went on to say that Erdogan plans to transfer these militants to Turkey. The Turkish president's decision is testifying that the entire affairs (related to the terrorists' battle against the Syrian government in Aleppo) had been directed in Turkey, adding, "In the meantime, there are people (Turkish agents) in Syria that are leading affairs (war on Damascus). The Syrian army is currently tracking those people."


The rest of the report is an extensive description of the evacuations of militants from E. Aleppo and related actions, which I'm placing in its own post.

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