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Tuesday, December 13

"Donald Trump has finally made the Left anti-Communist"

The comment is from Red Eye Radio's first segment today  horrified reactions on The View to Donald Trump's reported SecState pick's good relations with Putin. (Joy Behar said she didn't want to see the hammer and sickle on the American flag.)

There are more knee-slappers on the theme in Red Eye's first segment; I'll post the link to the podcast when it becomes available -- much later in the day.

While I'm on the subject of red-baiting, don't miss Larry Johnson's highly informed deconstruction of the DNI's statements in regard to the accusation that the Russians hacked the U.S. election, which Larry made on the John Batchelor Show last night. Here's the podcast of the discussion. 

Let me see if Larry's written anything recently on this topic for his No Quarter site [taptaptaptap]. Yes he has, on December 12: What Did Barack Obama Know and When Did He Know It? 

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