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Monday, February 15

20 things to do with Coca-Cola besides drink it

Acutally, you might not want to drink it after learning how it's successfully used. Here are five of the 20 tips from today's Vitality News as reported by Alice Morales:
Is your car engine not as powerful courtesy of gunk and grime build up? Bring new life to your vehicle by cleaning your engine with Coke. This practice has been used by Coke distributors for decades.
Do you have messy and visually damaging oil spots in your garage and/or driveway? Simply pour an ample amount of Coca-Cola to the problem areas, allow for soaking time, then hose off the areas with an intense water stream.
Cola-Cola is a wonderful rust remover. By dipping a large folded and crumpled strip of tin foil in Coke, you can create a serviceable scrubbing pad to remove rust from your vehicle.
Are dirt and debris accumulating on your windshield? Simply soak a clean cloth in Coke and rub it across your windshield in the traditional motion. As a word of warning, be sure to keep the cloth on your windshield. Coke is potent enough to strip paint from your vehicle.
If you’re having trouble removing gunk and grime from your cooking pans simply treat the pans with Coca-Cola. By pouring Coke on dirty pans, while simmering, the soft drink will slowly break up harsh and difficult to remove residue. Soaking kitchen tools in Coca-Cola is also a great way to loosen gunk and grime before you begin the washing process.[Pundita comment: should work great on removing rust and built-up gunk from grooves on can openers]
Okay, I maintained I'd only list five but as the rest of the article shows Coke does more than remove rust and gunk; it has other pretty amazing uses. They should sell the stuff in hardware and gardening stores. 

Thank you, Alice!    


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