Thursday, February 18

BBC reports Kurds haven't captured Azaz; why feature a map showing they have?

And notice that the Beeb report never quite gets around to stating which 'rebel' group controls Azaz. Tony Cartalucci was so right. On second thought I'm not going to bother with copying the BBC report, posted about 6 hours ago, but here's the map they feature in the report. ("ISW" stands for the Washington-based Institute for the Study of War.) It shows very clearly that Kurdish forces control Azaz. Of course it's a mistake. It's always a mistake when they get caught red-handed. 

 But to repeat, from Tony's report yesterday:
While Turkey poses as an enemy of ISIS and has not mentioned its presence in the city of Azaz or why it would attempt to protect them, it would be in 2013 that the BBC itself would declare Azaz "seized" by the terrorist group. In their article, "Isis seizure of Syria's Azaz exposes rebel rifts," the BBC would report:
...the Free Syrian Army lost the town of Azaz to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or Isis, the most hardline group linked to al-Qaeda on the rebel side. As a measure of the grip the jihadis have in Azaz, one eyewitness inside the town said no-one was smoking on the streets - tobacco is forbidden according to strict Islamist doctrine.
Other reports from last year indicated that ISIS was either near or in the city -- suggesting not that it had ever lost control of Azaz but that at various moments during the conflict it suited the West and its regional allies better to pretend "moderate rebels" held it instead.

It should be noted that in all Western media stories, it is never precisely mentioned who the Kurds are fighting in Azaz -- because it is ISIS. 

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