Saturday, February 20

Aleppo City: Al Qaeda-linked group battles YPG

Ansar al Islam battles Kurds in Aleppo
By Caleb Weiss
February 19, 2016
Long War Journal
Ansar al Islam’s branch in Syria is fighting against Kurdish forces in the Ashrafiyeh neighborhood of Aleppo, the largest city in the country. The People’s Protection Units (YPG), the main Kurdish faction in northern Syria, controls the nearby neighborhood of Sheikh Maqsud.
Ansar al Islam is an al Qaeda-linked jihadist group that was originally founded in northern Iraq in 2001. The main Iraqi faction of Ansar al Islam has suffered from defections to the Islamic State and has largely been forced underground. However, it continues to operate in Syria alongside the Al Nusrah Front, al Qaeda’s official branch in Syria, as well as other jihadist and rebel groups in the north.

American/West European/British propagandists and the press outlets they use depend on the public being unable to distinquish between 'rebel' groups in Syria. Thank you Long War Journal for keeping the record straight.   

But why do the French, Germans, British, and Americans continue to side with the Islamic jihadist groups trying to take over Syria? Why do they favor al Qaeda above Assad? Why do they lie when called out? What do they really want?     


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