Monday, February 22

Pundita demands that the Soviet Union be restored

When I was growing up I was told that behind the Iron Curtain was the Seventh Ring of Hell. After the curtain fell it wasn't immediately evident that this was true because there were no cheap international airline fares or mobile phones in those days. But now I know it was true, and that the only people who are crazy enough to rejoice at this are ethnologists and employees in the budget office at the U.S. Department of State, which could greatly multiply its "desks" to deal with multitudes from places no one heard of before the Iron Curtain fell with names nobody can pronounce properly and who all want their own nation.

I want the Iron Curtain raised again. Put it back.  

As to what's set me off this time, two articles about Turkey. I don't want to hear that Turkey wasn't behind the Iron Curtain or that Uighurs were actually behind the Bamboo Curtain. Do not cloud this discussion with facts. It's the principle of the matter that I should think is completely clear. 

Furthermore, I want Thierry Meyssan to know that I don't know where Tartarstan is and I don't want to know, and I want Predrag Ćeranić to know I don't care that there is a Uighur section of Raqqa or that the lunatic in charge of Turkey wants to reconstitute the Ottoman Empire. I just want the Seventh Ring of Hell back behind a curtain.


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