Monday, February 29

Only the British government can muster such gall

A United Nations panel looking into the Saudi-led bombing campaign in Yemen ​recently ​concluded that there had been “widespread and systemic” attacks on civilian targets, which violated international humanitarian law. In response, investigations have been called for, lobbying groups are now pressuring the British government to stop buying weapons from the Kingdom, and the European Parliament has called for an arms embargo.
For its own part, the UK government has pledged support for a UN Human Rights Council Resolution that requires the Yemeni government to investigate the incidents, and has said, “the most effective way of conducting these kinds of investigations … is for the Saudis to start the process themselves.”
From the howler at this morning's Telegraph penned by Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to Britain, titled Saudi Arabia is bombing in Yemen to bring peace and stability

Somebody at the Telegraph editorial desk started the day with beer. Good for him. Or her. 


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