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Thursday, February 4

Militants in Aleppo decide to fight on Syrian Army's side: report

Report: Militants in Aleppo ready to “switch sides”
By Paul Antonopoulos
ALM [Al-Masdar News]

Al-Mayadeen television [Beirut] has reported that militants in Aleppo city are allegedly ready to fight alongside the Syrian Arab Army and “switch sides.” “The armed formations of militants operating to the north of Syria’s largest city of Aleppo have announced their readiness to fight on the side of government forces,” the television broadcaster said. 

The television station never said to which group the militants belonged but it is believed that the very few moderate forces left in Syria have no chance in fighting back against the Islamist terrorists.

That last observation is correct, from all accounts; one reason there are so few moderate forces left is that the mercenary armies have wiped out many of them or decimated their ranks. The other reasons? Only the mercenaries get the big resupplies of weapons and ammo. And coming to their senses about what they're trying to accomplish is another reason, which is why so many of them are now fighting on the Syrian Army's side. When you look around and see much of your country in ruins, if you're sincere it dawns there must be another way.     

I note that Al-Masdar News has upgraded its website and while keeping the same url identifies tself on the new site simply as ALM. That's a good idea as it avoids confusion given that there are two other Al-Masdar sites -- one in Yemen, the other in Israel. When last I heard, about a month ago, ALM is still based in Beirut with the aim to relocate to Damascus. The site has gotten increased readership in recent weeks from those around the world who closely follow the Syrian war -- so much increase that a few weeks ago the server temporarily crashed. I wish ALM good fortune; the small staff is trying hard to report on the war, and that's all I ask of any news site.

Here are three more reports today from ALM:

UK Gov. Press Release: UK to invest an extra £1.2 billion in Syria

YPG take Ziyarah in northern Aleppo

Syrian Army's Tiger Forces storm Tayyibah village in eastern Aleppo Report includes this map:

For more on the way things stand with the Aleppo offensive, or at least where they stood yesterday, see:


And from FARS today:

Aleppo: Kuweires Area Still Scene of Fierce Clashes between Army, Militants

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