Friday, February 19

The French after the massacre in Paris: Ready, Aim, Look Busy!

Hollande had me fooled for a few days after the massacre in Paris; he seemed to be on the right track when he sent a warship and fighter aircraft to deal with Islamic State in Syria. But it turned out the sites the French pilots mercilessly bombed in Raqqa had been abandoned earlier, and aside from almost bumping into some Russian bombers and maybe bombing Syrian troops by mistake, the French fighter aircraft didn't do much in Syria.

But Hollande busied himself after the massacre trying to forge an international coalition to fight Islamic State. There already was a coalition but he wanted a grand one, I guess, the coalition to end all coalitions, which didn't pan out.  

Over in Germany Spiegel Online is wringing its hands about the plight of the poor Islamist fighters trapped in Aleppo because evil Russians and Syrians are bombing their redoubt. Look! [tactfully blanking out the upsetting part of the photo]  A dead Syrian baby!

If they want to stop the bloodshed so badly, why don't the Germans urge the fighters to surrender or decamp?  Barring that, why don't Germans go fight to defend Aleppo from Assad if they think he's so evil?

Oh but we can't do that! Warfare, if not done from a sufficiently high altitude, is no longer the German way.

But encouraging Islamists to fight the only true secular government in the Middle East is your way, isn't it?  

What phonies these Europeans are. What two-faced schemers, prattling about human rights and democracy while dancing to the tune of Gulf Arab despots.


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