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Syrian Army Infantry, Aircraft, Artillery Smash Militants in Aleppo Province

February 7, 2015
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TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian air force crushed militants' positions and their gatherings around the town of Bashkoy Northwest of Aleppo province on Sunday.

Military sources said the militants sustained heavy casualties and huge damage on their military grid during the airstrikes.

In a separate round of air assaults over militant-controlled areas in Kefr Hamra in the Northern parts of the province, scores of militants lost their lives.

Syrian army forces also hit the Takfiri militants on the ground, as clashes broke out between pro-government forces and ISIL terrorists around Taebah in the Western parts of Aleppo province. The militants sustained heavy losses and huge damage on their arms and vehicles in the attack, initial army reports said.

Meantime, as the clashes were going on, Syrian Artillery units pounded several sites of the ISIL terrorists and blocked their movements in the region.

Also on Sunday, Syrian warplanes, in surgical attacks over militant-held areas, targeted their positions across the town of Ezaz and destroyed many of their military hardware including dozens of heavy-machine-gun-equipped vehicles in Kafr Hamra, and several ISIL vehicles carrying militants in roads leading to Hayan, Adnan, and, Hraytan.

On Sunday, in a significant development, the Syrian army and popular forces took full control of a strategic hilltop in the Eastern countryside of Aleppo city.

The Barlaheen hilltop came under the army control after daylong clashes with the terrorists, battlefield reports said, adding that the hilltop was purged of all the terrorists now.

In a relevant development earlier today, Syrian army tanks, taking on Takfiri terrorists' lines in Aleppo province, managed to push back the militants further in a strategic town in the province and cut off ISIL's transfer and supply routes in the region.


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