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The original source was indeed the BBC. Here's the link to the report, which includes part of the video interview; you will see that the interviewer is not playing around. The rest of the interview will be aired today. See the BBC site for details. This is big news; it confirms claims that have been made for years -- confirmation straight from the Saudi government.


Groundhog Day is off to a roaring start! This vindicates Moussaoui's testimony. 

I'm not going to take time at this moment to go to the original source for this report, which could be the BBC; below is the FARS report. 

What does it all mean? Sounds like fallout from the battle for control of the kingdom between two factions. See Thierry Meyssan's January 11 report for Voltaire Network, Towards the collapse of Saudi Arabia for some details on the struggle. (I take with a large grain of salt his conspiracy theory about the U.S. government working on a plan to split Saudi Arabia into five nations and encouraging dissension in the Saudi regime.)  

And if the Beeb was the source, it could be some in the British government are abandoning the Saudi ship -- or at least the current monarch's ship.  

Tue Feb 02, 2016 - 3:44

TEHRAN (FNA)- Spokesman of the Saudi Interior Ministry Mansour al-Turki admitted his government's huge financial assistance to the al-Qaeda terrorist group under the disguise of charity aid.

"This multi-billion-dollar aid has been collected using Saudi Arabia's monetary system," Turki told BBC in an interview on Tuesday.

He said that the money was gathered from the Saudi people by certain groups who claimed that they would use it for charity.

"They told people that their money will be used for the poor but unfortunately, the money was spent for supporting al-Qaeda in Afghanistan financially," Turki said.

The regional and international analysts agree on the Saudi origin of al-Qaeda.

Last year, an Al-Qaeda terrorist, sentenced to life imprisonment in the US, said that members of the Saudi royal family sponsored the terrorist network in the 1990s.

Prominent members of the Saudi royal family supported the terrorist network Al-Qaeda in the 1990's, said Zacarias Moussaoui, an Al-Qaeda terrorist convicted to life imprisonment in the US, according to the New York Times.

In his letter to a judge of the US federal court in New York last year, Moussaoui wrote that members of the Saudi royal family, such as former Intelligence Chief Prince Bandar Bin Sultan and the ambassador of the country in the United States, Prince al-Waleed Bin Talal, were major donors to the terrorist organization in the late 1990s.

Moussaoui said he was responsible for creating a digital database of donors, so that Osama Bin Laden could have an overview of those who had contributed to militancy. He also claimed that he negotiated a plan with a member of the Saudi embassy in the US to shoot down the US president’s plane ‘Air Force One’ with a Stinger missile.

Also, Syrian Ambassador to Jordan Bahjat Suleiman called Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan "the real gang leader of terrorists fighting in Syria".

Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan is the head of Al-Qaeda terrorist group and the founder of the ISIL in Syria, Suleiman said in 2013.

Suleiman said, Osama Bin Laden was the founder of Al-Qaeda, Aymen Zahiri is their apparent leader, and Bandar bin Sultan is the real leader of Al-Qaeda.



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