Monday, February 8

Pro-Syrian government assault ends in disaster due to avoidable mistakes

Maybe I'm over-reacting to one incident but my concern is that the Sryian Army Coalition is now so big that I wonder how central command communications is holding up, and whether they have enough experienced commanders because this is a rookie mistakes that were made. And the mistakes were videotaped by the enemy and posted to social media sites.  

In a war like this the enemy can do a great deal of psychological damage with even small wins. This is very much a social media war so it's now imperative to deny the enemy even the smallest victories, even if means a delay in mounting an attack. 

I am also troubled by Leith's use of the plural -- were these pro-government forces under a number of commanders for the one assault? Who was in charge of everyone?  Or was anyone in charge of everyone?   
By Leith Fadel
February 8, 2015

On Sunday morning, the National Defense Forces (NDF) and the Palestine Liberation Army (Palestinian wing of the Syrian Arab Army) launched an offensive to recapture the imperative hilltop village of Tal Kurdi in the East Ghouta region of rural Damascus.

However, the offensive did not go as planned for the pro-government forces; instead, it ended in disaster, as over 25 militiamen were gunned down by the well-prepared Jaysh Al-Islam (Army of Islam) militants that were videotaped firing off rounds of ammunition towards the PLA and NDF fighters running in the open field.

Video footage of the attack was posted by the social media activists from Jaysh Al-Islam; this confirmed the failure of the assault, which ended in a mere half hour with no enemy casualties.

The Tal Kurdi offensive was not only poorly executed, but also, poorly planned; this is likely the fault of their commanders that thought they could send fresh recruits possessing very little training into a well-defended garrison controlled by veteran militants. 

In the past few weeks, the Syrian Armed Forces have advanced all over the East Ghouta region; however, as of recently, the Syrian Arab Army’s Central Command has concentrated a large amount of soldiers to the West Ghouta in order to begin the integral offensive at Darayya.


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