Sunday, February 21

Beijing: Say, let's blow our epic pollution into the countryside

Anything to keep China's engineering graduates gainfully employed.  

Ventilation corridors to be built across Beijing to blow away smog
21 Feb, 2016 - 07:30
The Chinese capital Beijing is planning to build ventilation corridors throughout the city to get rid of pollution that is chocking the city's residents. [Pundita note: unless RT is making up a special word for Beijing pollution, I think they mean "choking."]
The plan, shared with Xinhua news, calls for erecting five 500-meter wide ventilation corridors, which will connect to a web of auxiliary corridors measuring 80 meters wide.
"Five first-level and a dozen second-level ventilation tunnels will be built. There might even be third-level ones in the future. Based on the different conditions of the tunnels, we will conduct further studies with meteorological departments and related experts. Each tunnel will have a model. The aim is to ease the urban heat island effect and decrease air pollution,"Wang Fei, deputy head of Beijing's urban planning committee announced.
RT continues laboring to explain how it's all going to work but that's enough Chinese urban planning for me for one day.       


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