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Thursday, December 1

Free, free at last

Yesterday I published a couple photos showing thousands of E. Aleppo residents gathered at Syrian Army checkpoints after they fled the terrorists, but I wanted to include this one, provided by AMN. The young man's smile mirrored the one in my heart, as the news reports began rolling in about the lighting-like liberation of many areas of E. Aleppo.    

Over 6,000 civilians leave Aleppo in last 24 hours
By Paul Antonopoulos
November 30, 2016
AMN (Al-Masdar News)

A total of 6,020 civilians have evacuated the blocked neighbourhoods of Aleppo in the last 24 hours the the Russian Defense Ministry reported on Wednesday.

Of the evacuated civilians, 3,113 were children. All civilians left with the help of the Russian Center for Reconciliation.

"Outlets with hot meals and necessities continue to work for civilians leaving Aleppo's districts controlled by illegal armed groups," the defense ministry said.

The informational bulletin released by the Russian reconciliation center says that one humanitarian event was held in Syria over the last 24 hours — in the district of Hai al-Sahur in Aleppo and in the Al-Mahalej refugee camp in the Aleppo province, TASS reported.



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