Thursday, April 12

All of E. Ghouta now liberated. Syrian state flag raised in Douma City

President Assad with troops in E. Ghouta - March 18

Did President Assad's visit to E. Ghouta inspire (unarmed) residents of Douma to take to the streets to protest Jaysh al-Islam's refusal to negotiate a truce with the government? His courage in showing up was probably a help in that regard.  He does things like that all the time, to the chagrin of his security detail -- which he's been known to dodge lol.  

Syrian Government Regains Control Over Eastern Ghouta
05:00 12.04.2018 (updated 05:29 12.04.2018)

Syrian government forces have regained control over Eastern Ghouta region, Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation announced.

Russian military reported that Syrian army has established control over Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta, which until now has been under control of Jaish al-Islam militant group.

"Today, a landmark event in the history of the Syrian Arab Republic took place. The state flag flown over a building … in the city of Douma marked the regained control over this settlement, and consequently over entire Eastern Ghouta," head of Russia's center for Syrian reconciliation Maj. Gen. Yury Yevtushenko told reporters.

Earlier, the evacuation of Jaysh al-Islam insurgents and their families left Eastern Ghouta started via the Muhayam al-Wafedin checkpoint. Up to 8.000 insurgents and about 40,000 of their family members in total have been reportedly evacuated from Douma.

Local media reported that the residents of the city of Douma in Eastern Ghouta have taken to the streets [starting in March] calling on the militants to join the ceasefire with the Syrian government.


AMN reported today that Russian military police are being deployed all ar0und Douma starting today.


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