Monday, April 9

Have Islamic State fighters in Syria received regulation U.S. uniforms yet?

Trump and the U.S. military claim to "fight ISIS" but have completely stopped doing so. There are some 3,000 ISIS fighters in east Syria near the border with Iraq. Most of these are north of the Euphrates where U.S. troops are stationed. If Syrian government troops cross the Euphrates northwards the U.S. attacks them. But ISIS can cross the Euphrates southward and launch large attacks on Syrian government positions in east Syria:
 Another group of ISIS fighters is in the south-eastern corner of Syria and under protection of U.S. forces stationed in al-Tanf, near Jordan.
Despite large concentrations of ISIS troops, air attacks of the U.S. coalition against ISIS have practically stopped.
[Chart: U.S.-led Coalition Strikes Update] 
The above is from Moon of Alabama's Syria - Timelines Of 'Gas Attacks' Follow A Similar Scheme (Updated) April 8.


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