Tuesday, April 3

Trump isn't so much trying to leave Syria as back out of a NATO mess

Voltaire Network reported April 2 that Anadolu Agency, Turkey's state-run press agency, published a detailed map showing the locations of five secret French military bases in Syria, all of which are in the country illegally. See VN for part of the map. VN notes:
This publication of this information by the Turkish Agency constitutes a warning to France which has recently announced its support for terrorists belonging to the YPG, a Kurdish organization that is pro-US.
The publication of the information is also quite rude, given that both Turkey and France are NATO members.

The problem for NATO in this regard is that Turkey's President Erdogan knows where all the bodies are buried, so to speak. If he really got his mouth warmed up there's no telling what he would blab.

One thing is clear at this point. While the Syrian military doggedly works through its to-do list, land grabs conducted by foreign governments -- including the American one -- are going on in their country. The excuse for these varies with the day. 
  • Monday is reserved for bringing peace to the Middle East.
  • Tuesdays are "We can't let the Russians score a win."
  • Wednesdays are "We can't let the Iranians take over Syria."
  • Thursday's excuse is reserved for helping Israel deal with Hezbollah.
  • Fridays are dedicated to wailing and gnashing of teeth about Syria's humanitarian crisis.
  • Saturday is for explaining that Syria isn't a real country anyhow.
  • On Sundays it's because Syria's President Bashar al-Assad is a monster.
All that tripe is dished out by NATO and NATO-controlled think tanks and media outlets. That last is something I'm not sure President Trump has figured out yet about the American mainstream media, all of which support the NATO viewpoint, no matter which political party dominates in the United States. The viewpoint, since the rise in power of the European Union, has been more weighted toward furthering European interests than American ones. And the Americans most determined to see NATO continue have gone along.

I close with a question. If Mr Trump is prepared to talk with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, why doesn't he speak with Syria's president?

Assad can refute every lie that the human jackals bent on dismembering Syria have broadcast about him, and about the Syrian people.

As to whether Assad would agree to talk with him -- if Trump gave real signs that he was sincere about withdrawing U.S. troops from their illegal presence in Syria, I believe he would.   


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