Saturday, April 14

President Assad reports to work after Axis of Rascal bombings

From the number of places I've seen it posted, including  CNN, I think the video of him arriving at work has gone viral. It could turn out to be the most enduring image to emerge from the Axis attack on Syria. 

 Sputnik is one of the sites that has the video.

09:39 14.04.2018

Mere hours after a US-led missile strike hit targets across Syria, the country's President Bashar Assad arrived for work, undaunted by the Western powers' coordinated act of aggression.
The 8-second video released by the Syrian presidency shows Bashar Assad arriving at work wearing a suit and a tie and carrying a briefcase.
The video, captioned ‘The morning of resilience’ and posted on the presidency’s Telegram channel, was apparently recorded shortly after a barrage of missiles launched by US, British and French aircraft and warships struck targets in the vicinity of the Syrian capital.
According to the Syrian General Staff, the country's air defense systems were able to shoot down most of the missiles aimed at Damascus and at other targets located elsewhere in the country.
The Syrian Foreign Ministry has also denounced the joint US, British and French strike on the country as "brutal, barbaric aggression," saying that the attack "aims at hindering the mission's work and preempting its results."

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