Saturday, April 14

"Syrian Air Defense downs 71 out of 103 US coalition cruise missiles: Russian military

Al Masdar News
April 14, 2018

(11:20 A.M. [local time]) – The Syrian Air Defense reportedly downed 71 out of the 103 cruise missiles fired by the U.S., France, and the U.K this morning, the Russian military claimed.
Despite the Russian military’s numbers, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) claimed that only 10 of the 100+ cruise missiles actually reached their targets, while the remaining were allegedly downed by their air defense.
Out of the total number downed missiles, the Syrian military claims the hostile engagement ended in their favor, as little damage was done to their installation.
The total number of casualties from this attack remains unknown.
Following this morning’s assault by the U.S. coalition, the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) launched a new offensive inside southern Damascus in a bid to take advantage of the missile attack.
Thus far, the Syrian Army has been able to push back the terrorist group’s attack near the Al-Qadam District.

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