Friday, April 27

Quite a few miracles connected with April 7 chemical attack in Douma.

Here's one:
... The other cylinder, while fitted with some crude fins, also remained in nearly pristine condition despite its “fall.”
The device miraculously did little to no damage to the room it supposedly hit, besides a large hole in the ceiling, which, however, was unlikely made by the object, according to military specialists.
“The cylinder has partially retained impermeability and is almost undamaged, which is impossible after a fall from some 2,000 meters, the usual altitude used by the Syrian army helicopters,” Kirillov said.
But chickens take top billing in miracles showered on Douma during the chemical attack:
The cylinder was likely hauled by the “authors of the staged video” from outside, the official stated, as “multiple chips and dragging marks at the stairwell” indicated. An apartment below was being used by its owner to breed chickens, and all the livestock miraculously “made it through the so-called chemical attack alive,” according to Kirillov. ...
The quotes are from RT's April 26 reportRussia 'won’t allow' another US military action in Syria based on false flag – OPCW envoy

Former CIA counterterrorism specialist and military intelligence officer Philip Giraldi has written a helpful article, published April 26 at the Strategic Culture Foundation, How False Flag Operations Are Carried Out Today.

Back to the RT report:
Russia’s envoy to the OPCW said it was crucial to avoid new false-flag attacks in Syria and that Moscow “won’t allow” US military action there, as he described details of Russian findings on the site of the alleged Douma incident.

New false-flag operations against Damascus are “possible, since our American partners are once again threatening to take military action against Syria, but we will not allow that,”Russia’s permanent representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Aleksandr Shulgin, said during a press conference in The Hague on Thursday.
The meeting was called by Russia’s OPCW mission and featured witnesses of the April 7 alleged chemical incident in the city of Douma. It highlighted the findings of Russian military experts, who were among the first to reach the site of the purported attack and locate the “munitions” that supposedly hit the residential buildings.

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