Thursday, August 2

Kurdish militias in Syria seem to have had enough turkey

See also: Kurds Hand over Key Hospital to Syrian Gov't Forces in Raqqa Province; 8/1, FARS: "It added that the executive council of the SDF has also informed Damascus that the US intends to withdraw its forces and evacuate its military bases from the Syrian territories." [Pundita comment: I'll believe it when I see it.]

August 1, 2018

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Kurdish militias are most likely to strike an agreement with Damascus to cooperate in retaking Syria's Northern territories occupied by Turkey, a senior Kurdish commander underlined.

The Arabic-language al-Quds al-Arabi quoted Salih Muslim, the former head of Syria's Democratic Party, as saying that negotiations with the Syrian government will most likely lead to joint military cooperation to take back Northern Syrian regions occupied by Ankara and its allied militants.

He stressed the necessity for the liberation of all Syrian territories, and said if an agreement is made, the Kurdish forces will participate in the army's efforts to free occupied lands, including Afrin and Idlib.

Muslim said that the Kurds have not held talks with Washington for negotiations with the Syrian government, as Kurds believe that they need to make political decisions independently.

He also said that the future of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), their weapons and oil are issued that could go under negotiation with the Syrian government, and added that nearly 70,000 Kurdish forces should be merged in the Syrian defense units.

Reports said last week that the Syrian Kurds had underlined preparedness to cooperate with the army in fighting terrorism as talks between them and Damascus are underway to deliver control of the occupied regions to the government.

Riad Darar, the Arab co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council (the SDF’s political wing), was quoted as saying by the Arabic-language al-Mayadeen news channel on Saturday that the SDF will cooperate with the Syrian army in any military operations against the terrorists.

He added that the ultimatum by the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has persuaded the SDF to go for an agreement with the Damascus government.

Syrian Democratic Council declared in a statement that it has reached an agreement with the Syrian government on the formation of committees to continue negotiations until the end of war.

A preliminary agreement was made between the US-backed SDF and the Syrian government on transferring control of different parts of the country to Damascus and withdrawal of the US forces from Syria, media reports said on Saturday.



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