Wednesday, August 22

Whether in India, Syria, Sweden, realizing the importance of national kinship

While Indian politicians place blame on each other for the horrific Kerala floods, Muslim youths in Kerala help clean up Hindu temples hit by the flooding. 

Over in the Middle East, Syrians are fed up with the entire lot of foreigners pretending to save them by dividing them into ethnic and religious categories.  The vast majority of Syrians want their country back. 

As for Sweden, well, dontcha know there's a bunch of fascists trying to topple a century of socialism in their country. What's the world coming to. Actually, it's a buch of Swedes who've watched EU Socialism methodically strip them of their national identity. They too are fed up.

Granted, it may have taken a flood to remind Indians that they're all in it together, and it took a war to remind Syrians of the same. The Swedes didn't wake up until they realized EU immigration policies were erasing them as a people.

Better late than never. The crowd isn't always wise but sometimes it wises up before it's too late -- and many crowds in many countries are starting to wise up.  

In June RT reported on a poll in a Norwegian newspaper that found almost half of Danes and Swedes preferred belonging to a hypothetical "Nordic Union" rather than a European one. 

Those respondents should talk with Syrians -- not the refugees, the ones who've endured more than seven years in their country. Those people had to learn the hard way what it means to belong to the great transnational union of Arab Peoples, as monsters hired by Arab governments committed unspeakable acts against them. 

As for the Ummah, that wonderful globe-spanning family of Muslims, Syrians learned up close and personal what members of the Ummah were capable of doing to family.

The whole point of the Treaty of Westphalia is that the world is a tough neighborhood and that the chances of surviving it are better if individuals are protected within a national border that's respected by all. So while nationhood shouldn't erase tribal and clan identities, neither should groups based on such identities ignore the survival value of a national kinship and identity.

That's not fascism. That's common sense.  


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