Sunday, August 26

"Russian warships heading to Syria in response to US threats" BREAKING NEWS

By Zen Adra
August 26, 2018
Al Masdar News
[see photos at AMN website]

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (4:15 P.M [9:15 AM EDT].) – Russian warships have sailed through the Bosphorus into the Mediterranean in response to US President Trump’s threats to strike Syria.

Four Russian navy ships, including Project 266M Natya 1 class minesweeper, Valentin Pikul 770, ВМФ Project 22870 ЧФ BSF and rescue tug Prof Nikolay Muru, were spotted heading to the Russian navy base in Syria’s Tartus.

Up to 17 Russian warships have crossed the Bosphorus into Syria so far this week.

The deployment of the Russian fleet comes as the US President Donald Trump threatened to strike the Syrian Army ahead of the long-awaited battle of Idlib.



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