Tuesday, August 14

"Turkish Army clashes with FSA and/or civilians in NW Syria

Two versions of the same incident -- one, published August 12 (at 10:40 PM Syria time) by Al Masdar News, reported that allegedly the clashes were between the Turkish army and the Free Syrian Army with civilians participating on the FSA side. AMN noted that the incident would mark the first known time the two militaries had clashed.  

The second version was published by FARS on August 13; their report was headlined "Civilians in Northwestern Syria Engage in Heavy Fighting with Turkish Army."

As to what touched off the fighting --

The AMN report has it that a farmer in the town of Kafr Houm was gunned down by a Turkish army sniper: 
The residents of Kafr Houm and Free Syrian Army responded by reportedly attacking the Turkish military, resulting in casualties on both sides.
The FSA version is that a Turkish border guard shot the farmer:
Civilians in the small border town of Kafr Houm West of the town of Harem in Northern Idlib fought with Turkish army men after a Turkish border guard gunned down one of the local farmers.
The Syrian civilians, who were enraged by the Turkish army's measures, demonstrated and attacked the Turkish army's checkpoints.
The clashes inflicted several casualties on both sides.
The AMN report was based on reports from opposition activists posting at social media site(s) FARS doesn't mention their source for the report.


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