Monday, August 27

Yup, bad guys in Syria can't even sneeze anymore without Russians taking note

Earlier today, the Arabic-language website of Sputnik quoted well-informed sources as disclosing that the White Helmets transferred a consignment of chemicals from a chlorine-producing company in Atmah at the border with Turkey to Northern Hama on Sunday night.
It further said that the chemical consignment, hidden in five trucks for carrying sand, was transferred from Northern Idlib to Northern Hama under tight security measures.
From Syria: Tens of Children Kidnapped for False-Flag Chemical Attack Videos - FARS, August 27, 2018. Regarding the headline, Al-Watan might be connecting too many dots -- although what the bad guys did with the 40 or so kids is highly suspicious because they aren't holding them for ransom. 

But the way the children's whereabouts has been tracked (see report) is another illustration that it's gotten very hard to be sneaky in Syria without some 'local source' noticing. The whole country has sprouted eyes and ears.


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