Thursday, August 16

"Turkish military vows to confront Syrian Army in Idlib, Hama provinces"

The headline is from an Al Masdar News report today. Whether the Turks are blowing hot air or not, I have no idea. All I know is that every Syrian War wonk on the planet has been opining on what Turkey is going to do next in Syria.
Me, I'm just waiting for this famous Idlib Offense to get off the ground. I thought it was already on last week but no, it's almost already on. Some fighting around the edges but the SAA is still getting their ducks in a row. Headline yesterday from FARS: Syria, Russia in Final Coordination over Idlib Operation

Meanwhile the U.S. is delivering a lot of materiel to their bases in E. Syria according to SOHR's sources as quoted by FARS yesterday. As to what that's about, a guess would be it's a signal to the Turks not to get any funny ideas about attacking the U.S.-backed SDF militia, which is stuffed with Kurds. But who knows? We are now in the pea soup fog- of- war phase in Syria. 

However, one thing is clear from reporting at FARS over the past several weeks: there are a lot of "popular uprisings" going on. This is all strung out near the Syria-Turkish border and in the Raqqa region. Some Syrians are mad at the Syrian air force for doing bombings in their neighborhood. Some are uprising against the Turkish army, and some are uprising against the SDF and U.S.

The U.S. command is caught in the middle of all this. 


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