Sunday, August 12

"Media Source Claims Secret Agreement between Turkey, Russia on Idlib"

FARS states that the media source is al-Ajel news website. The only mention of such a news site I can find is an Ajel news agency in Saudi Arabia. But FARS refers to the site as Syrian. The most I can say is that the claim is plausible, especially in light of the latest news about Erdogan. From Moon of Alabama today:
Right now Erdogan is holding a speech in Trabzon. He is defiant:
DAILY SABAH - @DailySabah
LIVE — President Erdoğan: The fluctuation in Turkish lira is a plot against Turkey, but Turkish people will not give in
LIVE — President Erdoğan: We might as well say goodbye to those who sacrifice their strategic partnership with a country of 81 million, alliance over 50 years, for links with terror groups
By terror groups he's talking about U.S. backed Kurdish forces in Syria.  

Note, too, that FARS is claiming a major SAA assault in Idlib will happen at "any moment." FARS has been known to jump the gun but if the assault does launch today -- Surprise!  

August 12, 2018 - 3:40

TEHRAN (FNA)- Turkey and Russia have arrived at a secret agreement on Idlib as the Syrian army is expected to launch a major assault on the terrorists in the province any moment, Syria's media sources reported on Sunday.

According to the Arabic-language al-Ajel news website, the current political and economic crisis between Ankara and Washington, and the relocation of the US troops from Southern Hasaka to Ramilan base in the North of the province and then to Iraq has made Turkey dubious about the US promises.

"Turkey has now come to realize that it is just the Russia-Syria-Iran coalition that can give Ankara practical guarantees," it added.

Some special sources have told the Syrian website that the draft of a secret agreement between Russia and Turkey has received the US green light, adding that Iran is also aware of the content.

Based on the agreement, Russia and Syria have guaranteed respect for Kurdish rights as Syrian citizens without recognizing their autonomy. Also ties between Turkey and Syria will be normalized after the operation in Idlib, while Ankara will no more be allowed to interfere in Idlib. 

Meantime, the Russians have promised to the Turks that they will block any retreat by the terrorists to Turkey, the report said.

News sources have said that Erdogan will possibly bargain with the EU on the foreign terrorists in Idlib as they do not have any way but Turkey to flee to Europe.

"It seems that the first signs of this secret agreement are emerging. Turkey is merely supporting the terrorists in the media and is supplying them with no more arms and financial support. Also, it has been said that Turkey will prevent the terrorists from fleeing Idlib," Ajel news reported.

Field sources said on Saturday that one of the largest military columns of the army had moved towards Northern Hama to take part in a large-scale anti-terrorism operation in the Northwestern province of Idlib.

The sources said that the army has dispatched one of the largest military convoys of the government forces, including a large number of infantries, military vehicles and heavy equipment to Northern Hama in line with preparing for an imminent operation to drive terrorists out of Idlib province, parts of Northern Hama, Southern Aleppo and al-Ghaab Plain.

The entire Syrian army units, including special forces, will take part in the upcoming operation.

Military experts say that the army will kick off its operation by liberating the two key towns of Kafr Zita and al-Latamina in Northern Hama that are located along the Damascus Highway to Aleppo.



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