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Tuesday, November 24

11 Foods You're Probably Eating the Wrong Way. Pundita's Thanksgiving present to readers

This is one of those articles (from Happy Dieter) that has to be clicked through, page by page, but to show why it's worth the effort I'll start the ball rolling with #1 on the list, apples (emphasis mine):
Apples are juicy, sweet and full of fiber. This makes them the perfect snack to satiate your hunger cravings.
Most of the minerals and vitamins are found in the peel of apple, such as calcium, folate, iron, potassium, and vitamins A and C, so if you peel the skin, you are throwing out all that nutrition. Make sure to buy organic apples and crunch on this fruit with green, yellow, or red peel intact.

Chances are also that you are probably eating these fruits before they are fully ripe. This means that the apples are not brown in any way. You should wait for several days. According to one study, this ripening process allows apples’ chlorophyll to break down better, which produces healthier and highly active antioxidants in the fruits.
Who knew? To think of all the apples I've thrown away because they'd gotten brown spots or otherwise looked 'old.'

The entire list is like that -- surprising 'little' facts about commonly eaten foods that add up to big nutrition benefits.     

Food science can be very annoying because one study will find that a food is healthy and another says it's bad for you. But the article is a great reminder of the incredible advances that science is making in understanding how food interacts with human biological processes.  

As the introduction states, it's not only that you are what you eat; it's also that you are how you eat.  

Happy Thanksgiving!    


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