Friday, November 27

"Turkey tracked Su-24 for 34 minutes before shooting it down"

That's the "breaking news" headline from Sputnik but the report itself says only at this point:

Turkish Jets Ambushed Russian Su-24 - Russian Air Force Commander
16:34 - 27.11.2015 (updated 16:41 27.11.2015)

Turkish warplanes made an ambush for the Russian Su-24M bomber, otherwise they would not have had enough time to take off from an airbase and reach the area, Col. Gen. Viktor Bondarev said Friday.


The news *might* have been announced during a joint press conference given by the Syrian and Russian foreign ministers, which is still going on. I'm listening via Sputnik, so I'm getting Russian in one ear and Arabic in the other with the translator speaking in English over this [crossed eyes].  But it's worth it; a lot of the discussion I've caught so far is about headline-making situations; e.g., Turkey's machinations in Syria, etc.

Sputnik is trying to keep up; see the report at the video link.  One tidbit to emerge from the presser:

The Syrian minister claimed that Turkish Air Force jets had downed a Su-24 bomber because Russian Aerospace Forces had destroyed over 1,000 fuel tankers carrying illegal ISIL oil.
He's not the only person to have made this claim.   


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bdoran said...

Erdogan's son is involved in moving that oil.

The attack was an ambush.

Good thing Putin is a very cool customer.