Friday, November 20

Anonymous has taken down 20,000 ISIS Twitter accounts in less than a week. Wow.

The really amazing stat is that by Tuesday Anonymous had taken down 5,500 accounts; that means within about 48 hours they'd taken down 14,500. They're accelerating, maybe because large numbers of people have joined the campaign.  Anon. is even providing a crash course for anyone who wants to hack down IS sites. (See today's RT report, link below.) 

They've declared all-out war on Islamic State's cyber presence. The hackers are doing better than governments in taking the fight to where the enemy really lives. 

At first there was some question about whether it really was Anonymous but it looks as if their announcement was the real deal. And they're providing lists of all the accounts they've closed down.

Islamic State wants to use the gifts of the West to destroy the West. We'll see about that.


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