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Wednesday, November 18

Victor Davis Hanson barks at the caravan, Stephen F. Cohen reports from the caravan

Victor Davis Hanson was on the John Batchelor Show last night (podcast, last segment Hour1) explaining that Hollande was going to plead with Putin not to invade Estonia and just concentrate on whumping Islamic State in Syria. He presented no evidence or intelligence or even a 'theory' that Russia's government plans to invade Estonia. Nor did he explain why Russia would want to invade.

This from a man who was once a professor of the classics. Today he's a right-wing hack who inflicts his politics on peoples who've been dead for thousands of years, and in his spare time spins for the Get Russia crowd. The crowd is not going quietly into the night. They're sitting on their haunches yipping and yowling as the world -- the world outside the United States of America -- moves on.

Also last night, Stephen F. Cohen, an American scholar of Russian history and one who doesn't twist history to fit his political views, gave his weekly report to Batchelor's audience. He gave an update on the Ukrainian situation, discussed the fast-changing relationship between Russia and Europe, the fall from grace of Angela Merkel, and implications of Russia's entry into the Syrian war. 

He also made a point that I think is a first for the John Batchelor Show: If Assad falls, there goes the Syrian Army, which as of now is the only viable ground force against Islamic State and the rest of Terror, Inc. in Syria. 

That's right. 

Here's the podcast for the discussion.

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