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Tuesday, November 17

Memo to Europe's Muslims: Stop whining and start yelling at Jihadi Crazies

Yes yes I understand you're victims of Islamophobia. I'm so goddamn understanding I'm thinking of incorporating as Understanding, Inc. But now you listen to me and listen good. You're all going to end up in internment camps. Then you can wave your U.K. and European passports at human rights attorneys from behind barbed wire.  

Don't think this isn't on the way. You need to study what happened to Japanese-American citizens during World War II. I think 99.9 percent of those citizens were completely innocent of any collaboration or sympathy with Imperial Japan. And there were Japanese-Americans who joined to fight on the U.S. side. 

Didn't matter. Civilians, including women and children, were rounded up and put in internment camps for the duration of the war. 

That's the way things are, and if this upsets you go complain to human nature.

Now get out there in town squares, mosques, and city parks and yell that violent jihadis aren't true Muslims and what's more they're all going straight to hell. 

If you get approached by any Saudi or any Muslim cleric offering you money to shut up, tell him to shove the money up his ass. If you get threatened, run to the nearest police station then to the nearest public venue and shout out that you were threatened.

Yeah, I know it's tough. Go ask the Sicilians what they went through when they stood up to organized crime, which at the time completely ran the government and every single aspect of society. I won't sugar coat it; many were murdered, many very good and courageous people and their relatives were murdered. Yes. Right there in Europe in the modern era. 

Or go ask the Mexicans who stand up to the crime cartels about what happens to them.  

That's the way things are when you put up with evil for so long the only choice left is to risk everything you hold dear, including your life. 

Now is your time to stand up for what's right -- and to stand up for every reason that drew you or your relatives to Europe in the first place. 

Get it straight; this is not a dress rehearsal. This is your life, your future. and the future of your family. And this is your country you're fighting for. If you don't consider it your country, get the hell out.          

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