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Wednesday, November 25

Gah. Yet more breaking news.

Russian Cruiser Moskva Will Cover Air Groups in Syria With Fort Air Defense  From RT

All right, that's enough. It's going to be like this all day from RT and Sputnik. The two of them have been having a nervous breakdown since yesterday. And by the way, a breaking news report I linked to hours ago about Russia willing to form a coalition with US, France and Turkey to fight Islamic State seems to have vanished. 

Anyhow, I can't keep my eyes open any longer; I'm going to have to get some sleep. Then Thanksgiving prep, etc., then the holidays. I will see you next week. By then, hopefully, the good guys will have wrested Palmyra back from IS. See the previous post.  

Before closing I do want to at least put up a link to a Nov 24 Sputnik report that I'd planned to discuss but which got lost in the shuffle of events yesterday. It's about the Syrian Army discovering a network of tunnels in the Homs region, dug it seems by al Qaeda affiliated Nusra Front.

These tunnels are like ones built by the Sinaloa cartel. Very expensive to build and requiring advanced engineering skills.  

Those fiends really got dug in, literally and figuratively, in Syria, while the West dithered -- and Obama and his team downplayed the threat from al Qaeda.

Bill Roggio and Thomas Joscelyn penned a ringing and detailed retort to the Obama regime, Al Qaeda has not been neutralizedpublished at Long War Journal on November 20. This is a 'must read' on several counts -- not the least of which is that it conveys the regime has misled the American public about al Qaeda's ever-expanding reach. 

The regime has gone for showy hits on commanders and other 'names' in the movement. But it's as the Pakistani official said years ago to a reporter, "You Americans have killed al Qaeda's Number 3 man five times."

The good news is that the Syrian Army doesn't go for show but for thoroughness. They turned the tables on Nusra when they captured some of the tunnels, as you'll see from the Sputnik report.

Happy Thanksgiving to the Syrian Army. And the Russian and Syrian air forces. And President Vladimir Putin. And to Sputnik and RT; thank you for all your reports during this wild seven weeks.   

Happy Thanksgiving to all readers, and to all a good night and good morning.

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