Tuesday, November 24

Timeout: Amma's Song for World Peace

About 10 of Amma's countless bhajans have been keeping me going during this time of a world on fire with hatred. Makes no matter I can't understand a word unless someone takes pity and translates for YouTube's audience, unless it's one of those ghastly English-language bhajans written by a Western devotee.  

But this one, which she composed in the Tamil language in 2012, I'd missed until it popped up all by itself in my playlist at YouTube. 

I'd been getting ready to fire off an angry lecture to Sputnik International News for overplaying their hand. After listening to the bhajan and looking at the photos accompanying it, I decided to chill a bit. 

I don't know about world peace but maybe a little more prayer and a little less snapping and growling. Especially during Thanksgiving week here in the USA....


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