Saturday, November 21

Turkey the spider at center of Islamic State web

Gregory Copley's discussion of Turkey starts halfway through his interview with John Batchelor last night. Next to a post that Tony Cartalucci put up months ago, this is the strongest indictment of Turkey -- and the other NATO members' relationship with the government -- I've come across. And of course Tony doesn't have Greg's credentials. 

But the jury is in: to deal effectively with Islamic State, Turkey must be dealt with -- and yes, Russia is aware of this, according to what Greg told John. The challenge has been getting the U.S. and European NATO powers to acknowledge the situation and act. It looks as if they're realizing this.   

The other part of the podcast is also a don't miss -- Cam Simpson's deconstruction of how IS is funded. There are some surprises related to the IS oil business.  

Fri 11/20/15: Hr2: ISIS Murder Raid in Nigeria: Gregory Copley, Defense& Foreign Affairs. Cam Simpson, Bloomberg Businessweek.


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bdoran said...

But they're all spiders and offer nothing but more webs.

Our FP community, Finance and much of the govt already ensnared in one web or another...

We've have our own house to clean and so do they. We absolutely must stop looking abroad until that's done.

I'm sure you've seen this - The Influence game [Mid East lobbying in DC] by Al-Monitor.

This is nonsense. War overseas now the equivalent of Washington forgiving Benedict Arnold and giving him a promotion.